Pacific Linkage (China) Limited
   Pacific Linkage (China) Limited is established in October 2002. The company is a sales and marketing company specializing in commodities related to the steel industry and dealing a wide range of commodities. For example ores like chrome ore, nickel ore and manganese ore, titanium slag, ferro and noble alloys such as ferro manganese, silicon manganese, ferro chrome, ferro moly, moly oxide, ferro boron, electrolytic manganese metal, ferro titanium, ferro vanadium and V2O5, ferro phosphorous, magnesium ingots etc, steel products such as debars, H-Beams, Wire Rods, Hot/Cold rolled coils/plates, shipbuilding plates, bearing piles, forged and alloy steel round bars, stainless steel, pig iron, steel ropes, and recently has penetrated into chemical sector like Sulphur, sodium hydrosulfite etc.

The management / marketing team of Pacific Linkage (China) Limited, who were originally representatives and operational arm of famous international trading company in China since 1980s, have wide experience in sales and marketing over a number of years.

Over the years the team of Pacific Linkage (China) Limited has been able to build up relationship with Chinese producers and customers and has also become agents of producers like Laiwu Steel Corp., Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company (TISCO), Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH, Haggie Rand Limited, South African Roll Company etc.

In China, our head office is in Hong Kong and we have three other representatives offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.

Pacific Linkage (China) Limited is also working closely with a South African Company (Oreport Pty Ltd.) which we have a lot of import and export business between China and South Africa. Through its network on agents and associates around the world Pacific Linkage (China) Limited has developed a fully integrated sales and marketing service.